15 Training Tips To Avoid A Winter Workout Slump

Winter is now upon us, the time of year it can be harder to keep the fitness lifestyle going.

The lure of high-calorie comfort foods, the excuse of it’s cold and wet outside, or an excess of parties over the festive season, can all see the best-laid plans go astray.

Perfect timing for me to give you a few winter training tips, keep these in mind to stay in shape or get in shape this winter.

Keep your winter training focus with 15 Training Tips to avoid a winter workout slump, pick which ones will make a difference for you, and take action.

Picture of goal on snowy football pitch

Training plans become clearer when a specific goal is set. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Set a goal

The best way to stay motivated to train through the winter is to set a short-term winter training goal to lead that healthy lifestyle into spring and summer.

You may have a new years resolution that you set at the start of the year, this article will help you to understand why the habits and behaviours are so important.

Having a goal will help keep you focussed and is the motivation to keep going even when the weather is miserable!

Set that goal, how can you expect to have any focus or willpower in the winter months if you don’t know why you want to make healthier lifestyle choices?

When you know what you want the outcome of your winter training to be, break it into smaller process goals that will lead to the outcome goal with balance.

I have added a process goal at the end of each winter training tip to help you.

The 15 tips are real-life methods I have coached with success as a personal trainer, in real training sessions over 18 years.

Have a think as you read through the tips and form new processes for yourself that match your own lifestyle, you need to find the biggest factor slowing down your progress.

A quick tip is not to add too many processes causing possible overwhelm, keep things simple, focus on positive habits and behaviours, and the results will come with consistency.

It’s your goal, you need to decide now what it will be, take massive action, and work your strategy of achievement around the winter months.

Track your winter training progress with measurements. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump


Part of this is knowing your own expectation and what you’re happy with.

If your goal is a 6 pack or very low body fat, then you may need more willpower, discipline, and tighter habits for the process than if you want to complete five 5 k runs, balanced with 2 nights out rather than 10 in the next month.

This totally depends on the person and all of the other lifestyle factors you need to consider through the winter.

Winter is a time of hibernation after all, and you may want to keep things in balance enjoy a few nights out, hot chocolate on a long walk, or snacks in front of the fire watching TV.

The key is to plan this around training and the foundations of healthy eating and not to just go totally off the healthy lifestyle rails through winter.

Is the goal through winter fat loss? or how you look? take some measurements.

Then pictures in your undies or swimwear, a visual measure is the best way to check progress.

The winter focus could be higher performance levels, record your lifts, distances, and times in against the clock workouts.

If it’s to tighten nutritional habits through the winter hibernation months, start by keeping a journal to be mindful of what you’re eating.

Process goal tip: Have a goal of showing up, a certain amount of weights sessions, meditation, walks, swims, classes, mountain hikes, stretching at home or a combination of all within a certain amount of time.

Then set up a simple exercise completion log and tick off when you complete a session.

If this was the only thing you did, resulting in more completed sessions that’s success and certainly forming the correct habits for bigger goals if you choose.

The exercise log is especially beneficial when you’re mindful of eating habits at the same time.

Picture of pen and paper ready to plan

Take a little time to plan out what needs to be in place. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Have a healthy plan

At the start of the month/week look at your availability to train and what will suit your lifestyle, just take a moment to write down what it will take for success.

Before each workout mentally rehearse what you want to achieve from your time in the gym.

What will you be fuelling your body with? do you need to prep food? what’s the healthiest option close to work if you’re pushed for time?

Do you have a process goal of consuming 1 litre of water each day rather than 2 litres of coffee?

Plan ahead on how you will make the smaller steps happen, and how it fits into the day.

Not everything will go to plan, but this will be a much better tactic than no organisation.

Process goal tip: Lay-out the gym gear or trainers for the morning run the night before.

Set up the yoga mat in your living room, prepare healthy snacks the night before. Whatever the mode of exercise you choose, line up your tools before you go to sleep.

Picture of a coach and his team

Hiring a coach with the expert skills and knowledge will make a massive difference this winter. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Hire some expertise

Hiring a personal trainer or coach to assist you in your goal and give you their expertise is a great idea any time of year.

Your time is precious so make sure you are doing things correctly from the start and progress your training with guidance to maximise the time you spend in the gym.

A Personal Trainer will give you coaching with the tips already mentioned, goal setting, measurements, and planning.

This professional must have the positivity and focus to assist you, the time you spend with them should leave you with a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

They will also push you that little bit harder than you would by yourself, or tell you when to ease back and give alternatives (if they’re good!)

Process goal tip: In winter a Personal trainer can be especially beneficial.

Treat time with a trainer as an important business meeting in your diary, prioritise the time you spend on your health and wellness above time on things that add nothing to your life.

Picture of great training partners Rocky

A good training partner will push you, and scheduled training sessions will help adherence to the winter plan. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Get a training Partner

There’s extra motivation from the knowledge that someone is waiting for you to train or attend a class together, this helps you to stick to your plans especially in the bleak mid-winter.

Make a pact with a friend to encourage each other and commit to set training sessions and times.

Add in some elements of competition, even if it’s a competition for the most completed workouts or set a goal for both of you through the winter.

Maximise your time focussing on the training rather than too much talking and encourage each other throughout the training.

Having a training partner is a great way to spend time with a friend or family member, this gives even more value to the training.

Maybe catch up for a coffee before or after the training, leave the phone in your locker and have some quality time together.

Process goal tip: This doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym, maybe the goal is mental wellness through winter and you meet for a weekly chat with a friend.

Perhaps you write it in the diary to go swimming or hiking as a family at least once per week.

Whatever suits your lifestyle.

Angry lady acting negatively

Avoid negative people at work or at home, not everyone wants to see you succeed. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Focus the mind, to power the body.

Now is not the time to relax your habits just because others are, avoid people who snort at a healthy outlook just because they lack the willpower and self-respect to make a change.

Just as it’s important to have that training partner, it is also key to your success to surround yourself with positive people.

Positive folk who speak and act positively and encourage others to do well.

Negative Nelly will now be counting down to their next new year resolutions, whilst bringing boxes of biscuits and donuts into work to share on cold winter days.

This is especially true in the build-up to Christmas, it’s very kind of them and maybe they mean well but it’s not in line with your goals, so avoid Nelly as best you can.

Your daily surroundings and people you associate with are almost as important as the training sessions themselves.

Process Goal Tip:
Avoid people with a negative outlook, focus on positive self-talk and finding solutions rather than excuses, positivity will lead to success.

Remember it’s long-term habits and behaviours that lead to a change with anything, this is powered by a positive mind from you.
(send negative Nelly a copy of this)

Picture of person relaxing in a spa

Start the winter training with some retail therapy, or treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment as a training reward.

Reward healthy changes

Avoid the massive cheat days and high-calorie snacks just because you made it to the gym this week.

Kick off the winter with a little retail therapy, kit yourself out with some new training gear for your winter training sessions, it will add to the feel-good factor to freshen up the workout gear.

Process Goal Tip: When you reach a training goal or complete a challenge you set yourself, reward the achievement with a massive pat on the back, perhaps a trip to the shops.

Or even a relaxing massage, beauty treatment or meal at your favourite restaurant.

Person setting stopwatch

Add activity to the day whenever possible. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Add activity to the day whenever possible.

Go straight to the gym before or after work, if you train in the afternoon or evening, plan your day so that you don’t have to go home before visiting the gym or a class.

It can be really difficult to leave the house once you get home and comfortable in the warm on a cold winters night, so plan differently, new habits!

Pack your training gear the night before so you’re organised and are left with no excuses not to go to the gym.

Integrate exercise into your day, at lunchtime go for a brisk 20-minute walk to clear your head and re-energise.

Go for a walk to pick up a healthy lunch from somewhere different, whatever maximises your time for additional activity.

Process Goal Tip: If you have a meeting with a colleague planned, consider going for a “walk and talk”, this can also revitalise your mind and get you ready for a productive afternoon.

Picture of people stretching in class

Whatever form of exercise keeps you showing up consistently will be best through the winter

Show up consistently

Find the type of exercise and routine that achieves your primary goal, showing up/consistency.

This could be an exercise class for the social interaction, you may love the banging tunes and feel-good factor.

A weights session in the gym because you love the feeling of training with weights, and the results it gives you.

A Pilates or yoga course because you want to be guided through exercises that challenge with structure and flow.

Or perhaps an early morning swim followed by stretches in the steam room or sauna.

Process Goal Tip: It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy the experience, and you exit the winter months in a healthier place as a result.

Do something you like, an exercise that is not enjoyable will not get you out of bed.

The gym isn’t for everyone, so if you like walking, cycling, yoga or swimming (you get the idea), make it part of your winter plan and look forward to it.

Picture of athlete stretching

Take time to warm up before the training session, mobilise joints and prepare the body for the work it’s about to do.

Take time to warm up

Depending on the training environment and your current level of fitness you may need to spend longer warming up in the winter months, for obvious reasons.

Those joints and muscles may need a little extra attention before a cold morning run or winter weights session.

Process Goal Tip: Dedicate time to mobilising the joints and dynamic stretches specific to the training movements prior to the training session.

This will enhance the training sessions, help you to avoid injury and also speed up recovery.


Woman sleeping next to alarm clock

Make sure planned recovery and sleep are a big part of the winter training plan. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

When the workouts are done get some early nights or completely chill out and recover.

Have a planned time to relax after your hard work, snuggle up and get plenty of sleep to let the body and mind recover.

Doing too much in these cold winter months can make you more susceptible to illness, colds, or flu, common setbacks to maintaining a winter exercise routine.

Fortunately one of the many benefits of regular exercise is a healthy and resilient immune system, which helps you recover faster, and makes you less likely to get sick in the first place.

If you do get a bout of the sniffles and sneezes, try gentler activities such as stretching or walking to maintain the good habits.
This will make it easier to get back into your regular program when you’re feeling 100 percent full power again.

Process Goal Tip: Just like your training sessions are planned in, plan in recovery time to the winter schedule.

Lady drinking water in the office

Stay hydrated with plenty of water before, during and after winter training. 15 Training Tips to Avoid a winter workout slump

Yes, you’ve heard it before, stay hydrated.

We tend to drink less water in the winter as we favour warm drinks, but make sure you keep hydrated and have plenty of water throughout the day to re-hydrate

During the winter months, the tendency for some is to reach for a spiced latte, double cream hot choc, a white chocolate mocha, or just extra coffee in the colder weather.

Process Goal Tip: If you do want a warm drink, then hot fruit tea or green tea is an excellent winter warmer option to keep you hydrated, avoid high-calorie drinks or too much caffeine.

Picture inside sauna

Get yourself a nice bit of artificial heat with a Sauna on a cold winters day

Take time to recover

If your gym has a sauna or a steam room, why not use it too warm up?
Close your eyes and imagine the heat is coming from the sun as you relax on the beach in the Caribbean.

As long as you remain hydrated, a relaxing muscle warming sweat session can be just the tonic you need on a cold winters day.

Hot yoga, which is done in a heated room, is also a good way to work up a sweat without braving the outdoor training.

Process Goal Tip: Combine the processes that will lead to your outcome goals, whilst in the steam or sauna go through some light static stretches while the muscles are warm.

This is also a great space to take time to focus on some deep breathing and meditation.

Images of Ski holiday and beach holiday

Escape the winter with an active break to boost your training.


If all else fails, escape to the sun to boost your motivation with time in the heat to beat the winter blues.

Boost your Vitamin D levels with a mid-winter sunshine break to re-charge the batteries, you can still choose to stay active with hikes and workouts in the sun.

Most professional sportspeople have a period of warm weather training during the winter, so why don’t you?

Plan in a winter escape as a reward, a week or two in the sun can do wonders for our health and motivation.

Alternatively, embrace the cold and hit the slopes for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding adventures.

Process Goal Tip: Plan your break for some downtime rest and recovery after consistent training, or use it to kick-start some habits and book somewhere with plenty of activities and exercise options.

Picture next to sign saying wake up and be amazing

Keeping a positive mindset is going to be key to achieving your winter health and wellness goals.               Wake up and be amazing!

Keep pushing forward

Last of all and most important of all is to approach your winter training with a positive mindset.

Keep strong habits and beliefs through winter and you’ll be a step ahead when the warm weather arrives.

If you fail to hit your weekly goals or miss a workout, don’t panic get straight back on track at the earliest opportunity.

Instead of avoiding the cold, embrace it, get outside for some fresh air in the great outdoors, this will be good for your mind as well as your body.

Process Goal Tip: Remind yourself of the positives and how amazing you feel after a workout, enjoy it, make it fun, have a laugh along the way.

Focus on the value of a healthy lifestyle, stop looking for excuses and start making solutions!

Good luck

Have an amazing winter

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