My latest work project in the world of health and fitness has been the setup and management of Power Gym Dublin, at the Mayson Hotel.

Here’s an overview of what’s been going on at Power, an outstanding training experience in Dublin Ireland.

Check it out.

Introducing Power Gym Dublin.

Power Gym Dublin is a luxury boutique gym located in the Mayson Hotel.

Dublin’s newest boutique gym is home to highly experienced personal trainers and class instructors, we lead exceptional classes set in sublime surroundings.

You can expect a superb training environment with amazing service.

Power Gym Dublin features two studios, the Power Pedal studio for our Stages indoor cycling classes, and the climb studio for Power Climb Versa-Climber HIIT classes. 

The studios boast nightclub quality lighting/sound systems, in other words, we created an awesome training environment for our high energy classes.

The gym floor area has the best equipment available and efficient design, therefore,  plenty of space for those wanting to do their own thing.

It’s extremely rare to see a hotel gym like this, the feedback from our members and guests has been phenomenal so far.

Members are loving the class concepts we have created, similarly many fitness-minded guests have chosen the hotel specifically for their staycation. 

It’s great to see so many people prioritise and enjoy a training session on their visit to Dublin! 

Power Gym Dublin

Small group classes

We see fitness as an experience.

To start we have created three unique class concepts that are guaranteed to push you to achieve results

Power Pedal, Power Climb, and Power 360

The concepts and the theme of the class stay the same for all three, keeping variety, consistency, and familiarity in their style.

However, exercise selection and training variables are adjusted frequently.

We update session plans in periodised blocks evolving our classes as our members evolve. As a result, they keep progressing on their training journey.

Constantly evolving 

When the classes were created we drew on our experience as personal trainers. Making sure that the group sessions challenge the members and guests sufficiently to give them the results they deserve.

When you train at Power you need to be prepared to train hard and smart. You can trust that our exercise selection and careful planning will give you a safe and effective session.

The classes at Power are much more like small group personal training, therefore you will be educated and empowered with things to work on as an individual. 

All of our class instructors are experienced Personal Trainers, as a result, you will definitely have a more personalised experience. We can give individual feedback during every session.

The Power members know the style of class they are booking into and what will be in store for them ahead of each session.

We assist members to plan the rest of their time in the gym avoiding repetitive unnecessary training.

At Power Gym Dublin, we work with our members to establish clear training goals and help to plan their week. Combining the small group classes with gym training and recovery.

Daily gym challenges and a series of studio and gym floor-based classes will grow and compliment the main timetable throughout the week.

Power Pedal

Hop on our stages bikes and take your indoor cycling experience to the next level. 

Challenge yourself with the stages flight system and clearly see your personalised performance data.

Big screens show live data for the duration of the class, calories burned and individuals power outputs, bringing a competitive edge and energy to the room.

Power Pedal is choreographed to entertain and motivate participants. Some will pedal for personal bests, whilst others enjoy the varied cycling routes and music.

I would describe the Power Pedal room as immersive, it has bespoke lighting and a serious sound system, keeping you pumped from start to finish.

It’s hard to believe because I look so young, but I have been teaching Indoor cycling for fifteen years all over the world.

The Power Pedal studio with the stages system we have is the best by far, incredible! 

Then the cherry on the icing of our indoor cycling experience is the stages solo bike within the gym.

Our Solo has a digital screen guiding you through set courses and plenty of virtual rides.

Power Pedal

Power 360

Power 360 is a variety of circuit training themed classes in the middle of Power gym using our Life Fitness 360 training rig! 

During the class, we will take you through a vast array of exercises.

Including mobility drills, kettlebell lifts, power bag moves, plyometrics, dumbbell lifts, TRX, skill mill sprints, and bodyweight exercises.

If you’re lucky we may add some Tabata intervals on the assault bikes.

Tough but great! 

Power 360 sessions are carefully planned to stay highly varied and results orientated, with clear training objectives every time.

Some have a mobility theme with a mat pilates twist, other sessions are higher octane with a HIIT blast or strength and conditioning focus.

Our next development is using silent disco technology so members and guests can be more immersed in the class.

Power Gym Dublin

Power Climb

We use versa climbers, fit benches, free weights and bodyweight exercises to deliver a full-body workout like no other.

The Climb studio has a light show synchronised to our session plans, with heavy beats and selected tunes for the climb tempos. 

We create challenging work blocks, and timely recovery blocks to maximise your results.

Within the Climb studio, each person can have their work and recovery efforts accurately monitored using MYzone heart rate monitors.

Every climb session can display your progress on our large Myzone screens which show your name, heart rate zone, % effort versus set zones and designated recovery periods.

A game-changer enabling you to train smarter, or compete against yourself and others in the class.

That’s an overview of our main classes so far, members and our hotel guests can conveniently book all classes via our app.

Power Climb

Power Gym Personal Training

The team have tens of thousands of hours of experience with individuals, small groups, complete beginners, athletes, team training, and coaching with large corporate groups.

We are highly qualified and specialise in different components of wellness, therefore complementing each other’s skillsets and experience for a strong team approach. 

All members and hotel guests can book in for personal training sessions.

However booking in advance of your stay is essential, we have limited availability.

Workplace Wellness

Corporate training, work/life balance coaching, top ideas on good workspace set up, and remote training for your workforce.

Workplace wellness is an area I have worked in for years and something which has given me great job satisfaction.

I’m delighted to continue with this at Power Gym Dublin.

The Power team visited many of our neighbouring companies before lockdown.

Recently we progressed to some remote and online services, which have been very popular due to the Covid guidelines.

We are committed to providing a wellness experience and education for all of our members, in the gym and remotely.

Our group wellness coaching plans are designed with specific goals and timeframes the same way our individual plans work.

No cookie-cutter generic plans from us.

Contact – [email protected] for more information on our workforce fitness packages.

Corporate Wellness Power Gym Dublin

Measure progress and take time to relax

A gym floor full of best in class equipment.

I always like to know what the hotel gym has in store for me on my travels so I will give you a heads up.

Ski erg, Technogym skill mills, Assault bikes, Versa Climbers.

Plenty of free-weights, squat rack and Olympic bars, power bags, kettlebells, adjustable cable pulleys, fixed-resistance and cardio equipment.

Just know we have everything required for a serious or varied training session!

As mentioned, a special place to recover and regenerate in the outdoor thermal suite and relaxation pool. 

Enjoy the Irish sunshine or gaze at the stars from our relaxation pool and terrace, located under the three storey living wall in our courtyard. 

Boditrax Machine – the Boditrax system assesses your body through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. Then very quickly delivers 15 different measurements, such as your body composition, ideal weight, your BMI and your metabolic age. (Measurements are free for guests and members)

Myzone – all members receive a Myzone belt when joining.

An innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. 

Myzone monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

Myzone has a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness, a proven step to increase exercise enjoyment and adherence. 

A fantastic way to make sure participants are working correctly to the training principles we design, above all, it takes away the guesswork.

The changing facilities are extra special.

Expertly designed with marble finishes, brass lockers, gold rainfall power showers, Dyson hairdryers, premium toiletries and fresh towels. For all members and hotel guests.

After your hard work you will need to refuel and recover, with the finest food cooked by our Chefs – see below

Relaxation Pool Power

The Mayson Hotel

Power isn’t just amazing on its own, we are located in one of Dublin’s finest hotels. 

Surroundings unlike any other fitness facility in Dublin. 

The Mayson hotel has 94 bedrooms and suites located in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands.

Also, excellent dining options to replenish and refuel after a training session.

Ryleigh’s Rooftop Steakhouse – featuring an outdoor terrace on the 6th floor with unbeatable views of Dublin Bay, the Dublin Mountains, Dun Laoghaire and the iconic Poolbeg Pier.

Ryleigh’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

(Incredible views and serious steaks)

Elephant & Castle is located on the ground floor and boasts an all-day menu filled with comfort food including their world-famous wings and cocktails in chic and comfortable surroundings. 

Plenty of healthy options and a few high-calorie indulgences to keep things in balance.

The Bottle Boy offers a cosy pub vibe with open fires and great pints, take a wander and check out the pictures and memorabilia explaining the history of the local area.

The Bottle Boy is very interesting, like a cool Irish museum where you can explore with a pint, great spot.

Ask the restaurant team about their top Power Gym healthy choices from the menus.

Visit DIME coffee co, for a pre-workout coffee to get the engines firing. Then you can order healthy Power protein shakes immediately after your training experience to enhance recovery.

Power gym shakes have recently been launched, devised from the tried and tested personal favourite recipes of myself and the Power gym Personal Trainers.

For more info on the delicious food options check here

Fitness Themed Vacation 

As you would have gathered from this blog, when I travel I always look for the best options to maintain fitness levels.

When health and fitness is your lifestyle it’s fun to explore new places and training environments as part of a trip.

The Mayson Hotel gives access to a superb range of facilities in one place.

Recently many Irish based fitness enthusiasts have stayed for fitness staycations, making the most of the hotel and our small group classes.

The Mayson is a great option for a health and fitness stay in Dublin City, it’s just a 20-minute walk from the city centre.

There are several excellent short walks in the local area.

For example through the iconic docklands and its fast-growing surroundings, along the seafront and Dublin Bay, or into Dublin city.

For the extra active explorers, you can take a long run or bike ride along the river towards the city centre and Phoenix park. (one of my personal favourites) . 

Of course, not everyone wants to train on holiday, some will want to relax, but if you book the Mayson hotel for a fitness-themed break you won’t be disappointed. 

I guarantee when you see the Power gym facilities you will want to squeeze in a training session or recover in the pool during your stay.

Safety First 

Since re-opening extra safety measures and sanitisation has been implemented, therefore we know our members, guests and staff are safer.

At Power Gym Dublin we will continue to be dedicated to maintaining a safe training environment.

Above all, we strive to make sure members are enjoying their leisure time. 

We lead and empower everyone to be the best they can be, knowing that a healthy body and mind with strong immunity is the best line of defence.

Your best preparation for a virus is being in good physical health. 

Within the luxury of our boutique gym we are building a sense of community for our members, and a positive training vibe.

I look forward to greeting more worldwide guests and fitness world explorers from all over the globe when it is safe and wise to travel.

Subscribe, or stay tuned to the Fitness world Explorer social media, I’ll keep you updated on Power and my other projects as they develop.

If you would like more details on membership or our services give me a shout.

[email protected]

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