Stay at home fitness tips

The Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic has shocked and disrupted us all, with no access to the gym to release the stress and tension created.

Keeping yourself active at home with exercise and wellness activities is crucial in these challenging times.

Now it’s more important than ever to take control of your health, assist your immune system, and boost the endorphins for a healthy mind.

The scenario has left many people unsure of the best things to do, and even regular gym goers struggling to get into the habit of home exercise. 

Here I offer some simple tips for you to sweat out some stress and strengthen the body/mind in the home or garden, in your own style.

Get organised and prioritise the time

For many right now, the hardest part about home exercise is mustering the motivation to get off the couch and get moving.

Especially with the upside-down world we currently find ourselves in, it’s tough and it’s important to acknowledge that.

Everything is uncertain and we are all riding on the “lockdown restrictions emotional rollercoaster”. 

Take a moment to accept that fact, tune into your self-awareness, know that much is out of our control, but the choice to exercise is something you have full control of.

If you are currently exercising consistently and going with the flow, fitting it in whenever time suits, cool. If not and no exercise is being done, you need a set routine more than ever! 

Scheduling a specific time to train will not only shape a strong routine but also help manage and eliminate any potential distractions. 

Having a set training time has many benefits physically and mentally if you haven’t started.

Home workouts can be a great way to take some alone time, to get some space from your fellow lockdown crew.

Or if you have a family and you want to encourage each other in positive lockdown fitness habits, schedule a time to all train together. 

Do what works for you!

Then mix it up, have a set time on your own perhaps for specific fitness training then some times with the family, for active games fun or dancing around.

Do what works for you on that day, the time when you exercise is your time to switch off, forget about your worries. 

The key is, begin with a small process goal of 3 workouts, at a set time on your first week and see how it goes, start with the baby steps then evaluate. 

Once you are started you will look forward to exercise and activity each day, forming a habit for positive physical and mental YOU time.

See this as a challenge that you will win, nows the time to step up and see if you can form new habits or reinforce the healthy ones you had.

Dedicating time to activity now means you will bounce back stronger, physically and mentally from this crazy scenario, so do it!

Movement is medicine, and your health is your wealth! 

Stay at home fitness tips

Set up your training zone

Now you have set a time, you need to get in the zone.

Set up space in your home or garden that will be your home gym and make this the training zone.

When you enter the zone there can be no distractions. You treat this as if you are attending the gym for a set time, or a very important meeting.

Decide on your next workout the night before and set up the zone, it’s all about creating the mindset you are ready to chase those health goals.

If you want to be super organised save a few different options of workouts, some high energy, some just to get yourself mobilised.

That way you can see how you feel on the day, and you are less likely to make an excuse. 

Layout your workout gear, any equipment, towel, water, and make sure your training zone has plenty of room to move.

Many of my training clients find it hugely beneficial to focus the mind with positive words when the going gets tough.

Maybe add a few of your favourite motivational quotes or positive affirmations to the zone.

Fuel the home exercise fire, with reminders of the reasons why you are doing this.

Apart from the feel-good factor and enjoyment, add some clear reasons why this is so important long term.

Pick some of your favourite tunes, and play them loud!

Choose exercise and activities you enjoy

If you’re looking for at-home workout ideas you don’t need to look far at the moment.

The recent pandemic has led to many new and creative online options.

Although there are plenty of choices, not all are created equally for an effective and safe workout.

The basics done consistently well will give the greatest rewards especially at the start of your home training.

The most effective way to make your home fitness challenge a success is to follow a structured routine set out by a fitness professional.

Over the next few days/weeks I will be posting up more exercise options to the Explorer blog, social media and Youtube channel so stay tuned and subscribe.

Here a couple of options, check out the rest.

The best results come when you follow a weekly regime that features a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training. 

Honestly, now is not the time to create more obstacles by overthinking the fine details of training, do what you feel like doing, but just start to do something.

Try this if you have access to steps

Stay at home fitness tips

Keep Moving forwards 

My last stay at home fitness tip is, keep moving forwards, I have seen home training work incredibly well for many different people.

Evaluating progress, changing things if it helps motivation, and avoiding any distractions is going to be key.

The reason I said to start with 3 set times a week as a process goal, is just to get started with something achievable. The sense of achievement will then help you push on.

Evaluate how things start for you and modify your home workout strategy.

Another option I mentioned before – get the whole family involved, train with the other members of your household. 

Showing children that exercise and wellbeing is an important part of the day is an excellent way to lead and nurture them.

This may take a few sessions for you to get used to. Other family members may also take a while to get used to the new motivated home workout king or queen, be prepared.

The secret to staying consistent is to find an activity you love and feel energised doing.

When do you feel most energetic?

Are you hydrated?

What time of day are you motivated to train?

Is training first thing what sets you up for the great day? 

Is a relaxing stretch session the perfect way to end the day?

Keep moving forward by evaluating your plan

YOU decide what works best around YOUR energy levels and considerations as an individual.

During these tough uncertain times do exactly what you enjoy to stay consistent, and gain the exercise benefits in body and mind.

Feel like you are doing something that moves you forward, even small steps.

Adding healthy lifestyle habits can give you massive optimism. Giving momentum for further positive changes in other areas of life.

Important to note: like all goals don’t just focus on the destination, enjoy the daily journey.

Many things are chaotic and out of our control, but starting a home workout is within your control it’s important to take action now.

At least when we return to some normality you can say you took time to get in better shape and move better.

This will move you forward, now’s your chance to make exercising at home a successful habit.

Main Points 
  1. Get organised and prioritise the time.
  2. Set up your training zone
  3. Choose workouts or activities you enjoy
  4. Keep moving forwards, find what keeps you consistent.

Lastly, do what works for you. It’s ok, to not be ok.

Some days you can do less, but just keep going!

When it’s done, take a moment to congratulate yourself for the achievement and be proud.

You will benefit from my stay at home fitness tips when you act with determination.

If you have any questions please reach out.

Stay safe, stay strong!


About the author
Lee Murrin
The Personal Trainer and Worldwide Traveller behind Fitness World Explorer.
He has worked as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist for over 18 Years. [email protected]