Ideas for St Patrick’s day in Dublin 2019

Ireland is a bucket list destination for many worldwide travellers, even more so during the St Patrick’s day celebrations.

The Grand parade and party atmosphere on St Patrick’s day in Dublin City attract larger crowds each year.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists descend on Ireland’s capital city to honour the Irish Patron Saint who famously drove out Ireland’s snakes.

With so much fun to be had, St Patrick’s Day in Dublin is a must for your travel experience wish list.

It was once on mine and I can gladly say after living in Dublin for the past eight years,
I have celebrated the day to the fullest many times, it’s a fantastic atmosphere.

In anticipation of this year’s celebrations and to assist with a few ideas for your visit, I have put together my top tourist tips and highlights.

  • Fuel up with an Irish Breakfast

  • Watch the St Patrick’s Day Grand Parade through Dublin

  • Join in with the fancy dress fun

  • Take a walk and view Dublin’s amazing Architecture

  • Get the adrenaline pumping at the funfair

  • Visit the home of guinness

  • Sing and dance in temple bar

  • See more of Dublin with an active adventure

Start the day with an Irish breakfast in Dublin

A great way to start the day is to taste a traditional Irish Breakfast.

Black pudding, sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, tomato, potato, Yum!

Just make sure it’s kept in balance with the rest of your healthy eating choices!

An Irish breakfast is also my recommendation for the day after if you decided to have a drink, a good cure for a hangover.

If a traditional Irish breakfast isn’t your thing, there are plenty of alternatives for every breakfast option in the places I suggest at the end of this article.

Eat up, you will need plenty of fuel for dancing later.

Watch the St Patrick’s Festival Parade through Dublin City

Prepare yourself to see and hear a highly energetic procession of theatrical stories played out in magical costumes, bursting with colour, fuelled with energy provided by lively song and dance from all over the world.

The Parade begins at midday in Parnell Square, dances straight down O’Connell Street, through the city centre and College Green then finishes near St Stephens Green.

Huge crowds line the city streets, but you will be spoilt for choice of places to view the dazzling parade from.

Quick tip – get your parade viewing space nice and early the whole route will be rammed with fellow parade watchers.

People even bring along step ladders to get an eagle eye view above the crowds!

Need to take a seat?  there are many bars along the route or in nearby temple bar, you can view the parade on the big screen with a drink in hand.

You will marvel as Ireland’s theatre companies deliver a show of theatrical storytelling through their excellent song, dance and spectacular costume designs.

Traditional Irish bands are joined by marching bands from around the world, delivering an imaginative mix of music adding rhythm to the parade as it weaves through the city streets.

Wherever you decide to stop and watch, you will be surrounded by others soaking up the atmosphere cheering on the wonderful show.
A superb, feel-good experience of culture and fun!

Join in with the fancy dress fun

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to don some fancy dress and have a laugh at yourself.
Trust me, you definitely will not be the odd one out today.

Dress up, you won’t look silly, well maybe you will.

Take a walk and see Dublin’s amazing architecture

as you explore

Dublin is a city easily explored on foot, along with the route of the parade you can see some of Dublin’s impressive architecture.

GPO, The Custom-house, Bank of Ireland, Trinity College
Georgian townhouses, Guinness Storehouse and the Ancient sites of St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral are all within an easy walking distance of the City Centre.

Many of the cities famous landmarks and buildings illuminate green for the festival.
Impressive by day usually, they take on a new green look when the sun/rain goes down.

Trinity College Dublin

Get your adrenaline pumping at the Funfair

For even more St Patrick’s festival fun you could visit the fair.

The funfairs are full of attractions which are very popular with kids, or the brave adult.

St Patrick’s Festival city at play Funfair is located at Custom House Quay this year.

Visit the home of Guinness

Whilst you’re in town make sure you visit the epicentre of the world’s Guinness production and take the tour of the Guinness Brewery.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been, each visit is always great.
You will love the views from the Gravity Bar, one of the best views of the City.

A perfect place to raise a pint of the black stuff to Ireland’s Patron Saint.

During St Patrick’s Day festival there will be plenty of organised activities, live music, entertainment and you can also learn to pour your own perfect pint of Guinness.

Sing and Dance in Temple Bar

Are you looking to experience the buzz of St Patrick’s Day and do some singing, dancing and responsible drinking?

Everywhere in Dublin will be full of traditional music and entertainment, but Temple bar is a great place to be on St Patrick’s day.

St Patrick’s Day in Dublin attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around Ireland and abroad, and many will pass through Temple Bar.

You don’t need to be drinking pints of the black stuff to have an incredible time in Temple Bar. Note: Possibly the busiest place on earth on March 17th.

Visit with friends, or get ready to make some new ones, you will meet people dressed in similar funny hats and inflatable shamrock glasses all on the same mission, fun!

You will see some very funny dancing going on, especially if you bump into me.

See more of Dublin with an active adventure

Make sure you add some exercise
If you are sampling the Guinness during the celebrations you will have plenty of strength for a workout, or you may need some fresh air to help your head.

A short trip away off the beaten tracks of Dublin city, there are fantastic coastal walks, parks to explore, and hiking trails of the nearby Wicklow mountains.

A few ideas close to Dublin:
Phoenix Park for a run/walk or bike ride.
The Greystones to Bray Coastal Walk or run
Howth Headland Coastal Path.
Wicklow Mountain Hikes.

Some Extra Tips 

A few Irish words you may need:

Slainté – Cheers
Ceoil agus Cráic – music and fun
Cead mile failte romhat – a hundred thousand welcomes

Links for recommendations: 

Guinness storehouse

A must visit for all tourists

Breakfast personal favourites

Bars for a sing and dance personal favourites

St Patrick’s day is, of course, celebrated worldwide, have a great day wherever you are.

If you’re in Dublin have a fantastic time and enjoy the Craic, if not get booked for next year!

Let me know how you get on!!!

About the author
Lee Murrin
The Personal Trainer and Worldwide Traveller behind Fitness World Explorer.
He has worked in his passion as a Personal Trainer and coach for 16 years .

His travels have taken him worldwide to 78 different countries on many adventures. He has lived in Dublin for 8 years, and loves a pint of Guinness to give him strength.
[email protected]