Run on Arrival

Stay active when travelling

When travelling many people like to make excuses to stop training or reduce their activity, but that’s not you.

This article offers solutions and informative tips to make sure you have an active travel experience leaving you energised and ready to explore.

The latest recommendation is one of my favourite ways to explore a new destination, or a super way to jog the memory on the best places when re-visiting.

When you arrive just drop the bags, lace up your runners and set off to explore and refresh.

There are plenty of benefits, here are the main reasons I favour a run on arrival.

Fire up the body and mind
The run gets the body systems ticking over again, especially it you’re feeling sluggish after the flight, the air conditioning, and confined space etc
Running is a great way to get the blood pumping and re-ignite your body systems to ward off the jet lag after a long trip.

Re-aligns the senses
This one may sound silly but it’s so true, after being sat down possibly with a TV in front of your face on a flight, cramped in a seat, tight legs from driving or the added noise of the plan/train/bus.
A run on arrival, gives an opportunity for the senses to re-align as you, see, feel, smell and explore the new location.

Opportunity to explore
One of the best ways to explore somewhere new – very exciting, perhaps you have seen pictures and it’s the first time you have seen famous landmarks or sights of natural beauty. Plan the run so that as you run you get some sightseeing done, making the experience of the new location all the more interesting.

Running on arrival in Alaska

Running on arrival in Alaska

Maximise the time you have in a new destination
A run on arrival or an early morning/late evening run, is a great way to maximise the time you have, especially if you intend on a trip in the opposite direction or have limited time.
You can kill two birds with one stone as they say, a bit of cardio to clear the head, but also an opportunity to explore your local area or key sights you may of otherwise missed.

Complete a training session
I’m not talking about setting out to beat your PB for a 10k, I’m suggesting a light leisurely run with some walking to take in the sites.
Any kind of activity when travelling is great, it all adds up and the activity is of course beneficial for a healthy body and healthy mind.

Running in Cornwall

Running in Cornwall

Easier option, less mental preparation needed
The run is a perfect option if your nervous system is a little fatigued from travel, a gym session may not be super productive when fatigued.

You won’t need to skip training completely, the leisurely run is a sound adjustment for the body and mind, stay active and feel good.

Combine with a good stretch  
The run on arrival lets you have a good sweat and warm up the muscles before stretching, releasing any tightness and re-generating for future exploring on the trip.

If the run is late night or early morning it will give you the opportunity to see the area in a different light and a different experience you may have missed.
Some of the best times to train outside are of course sunrise and sunset, if you can time it right.

Sunrise Run Milton Keynes

Sunrise Run Milton Keynes

Frosty Morning run Milton Keynes

Frosty Morning run Milton Keynes

New Terrain
New places can open up new types of running and new challenges.
If you’re in the right surroundings you might venture out for a trail run, or if you’re at the coast the beaches and dunes will give an opportunity to mix up the training and strengthen different muscles.

Beach running

Beach running

It’s great
It’s just a great thing to do, personally I like to get straight outdoors no matter what the weather.
If I’ve been travelling for a long amount of time it’s a must do for body and mind, just relax and enjoy.
Run on arrival was definitely something I would look forward to in a new port whilst on Cruise Ships, a great way to explore the new surroundings after being at sea.


In true fitness world explorer fashion, a run in a new destination is always the best way to explore.
It goes without saying have a good idea of the route you want to take before setting off, take care and stay safe.

Go straight away don’t settle.
This may seem a very obvious way to fit in some exercise and enhance your travel experience but that’s just it, many people will miss out or just completely zone out at the hotel when they arrive.
Trust me, just go, this will freshen you up and give you that bit of satisfaction that you have started as you mean to go on, both in terms of exploring and fitness.

Take the camera/phone 

This is a leisurely explorer run, hopefully you will have plenty of photo opportunities, stop take a breather and snap some great pics.

Early morning run in Hyde Park

Early morning run in Hyde Park

Know where you’re staying!
If you don’t speak the language of the place you’re visiting, then write down or memorise the address of where you’re staying.
It may sound obvious, but knowing the name of the hotel and the street are very helpful.

Check out the food options
When running, check out the local restaurants and cafe’s close to your hotel for a breakfast/lunch or morning coffee the next day.
You may even find a local food market for healthy options, or bar for a relaxing tipple.

Stay Hydrated
As I’ve mentioned after a long trip I find it very beneficial to head out straight for a run, make sure you drink plenty of water before and after and you will be a step closer to avoiding Jet lag.

Have Fun
For me, it adds to the enjoyment of the trip and done at a steady pace will really add to your adventure.
Holidays can be a great time to run – you’re more relaxed, there’s a new place to explore and there might even be some nicer weather.
Run, power walk, run to tourist attractions, run to the cafe or bar and walk back, you decide it’s your workout.

I encourage you to venture out and run or walk somewhere new, run in a new park or down a new road.
Enjoy the journey and the results of the active lifestyle.

Let us know of any local run routes you have taken that truly open your eyes to the new destination, so that we can give them a try.


About the author
Lee Murrin
The Personal Trainer and Worldwide Traveller behind Fitness World Explorer.
He has worked in his passion as a Personal Trainer and coach for 16 years .His travels have taken him worldwide to 78 different countries on many adventures. He loves to visit new places and listen to stories of adventure.
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