A Mythical Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin

Stunning, magical, natural masterpiece, radical and just awesome, were some of the superlatives used to describe the Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin.

Our new friends/fellow tourists were overjoyed as we walked back along the coast path towards our tour bus.

My only slight disappointment was that after living in Dublin for seven years I hadn’t ventured north to the Giant’s Causeway sooner to experience how stunning, magical and radical this natural masterpiece is, because I agree it’s just an awesome place.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

Incredible rock formation

The Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin Itinerary.

Living in Ireland gives you so many amazing places to visit and endless adventures to go on, which is why this small Island is so popular with people re-visiting time and time again from all over the world.

On this particular day, we went in search of the giant as part of a day tour from Dublin, incorporating Belfast City, the Titanic Museum, Giant’s Causeway and the epic Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

If you have limited time, trying to cram as many of Ireland’s wonders as possible into just a few days, the day trip from Dublin is a great option.

Arriving at Giant’s Causeway you leave the main car-park and pass the visitors centre, there are two options for you to get down to the Giant’s gaff, jump on the shuttle bus or take a 10-minute stroll along the same road taking in spectacular surroundings.

Take the walk if you can

Chances are you will have been seated for a while on the journey to Giant’s Causeway either on this day tour, or your own car. So take this opportunity to stretch the legs and take the walk to this famous UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many people were jumping onto the shuttle bus but the walk is part of the experience and shouldn’t be missed, you can rest later and this experience will last forever so suck it up and get those legs moving.

Take out the camera and soak up the picturesque landscape, relax, breathe, enjoy, and take a good look around the high cliffs and remarkable coastline on the way down.

Striding along the path you can take deep breaths of air, filled with the smell of seaweed and the salty sea.

You will be in awe of the North Antrim coastline, and the walk builds a nicer feeling of anticipation than the bus, I’m sure.

I’ve also heard that when the Giant is disturbed from his sleep by the buses he likes to eat them and the people inside, he leaves the people that walk.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

The Scenic Road to Giant’s Causeway

An incredible sight

The Road winds down from the cliffs above and as you turn the corner you will see the visitors to Giant’s Causeway hopping over the ancient hexagonal rocks, posing for their best photo with the dramatic backdrop of the cliffs.

I had seen many pictures of Giant’s Causeway, but being there in person left me amazed how nature shaped these rocks making this unique geological phenomenon, definitely something you need to see in your life.

As you can see, I do love a bit of scenery and nature to add to my fitness travel experiences.

Giants Causeway certainly offers both, forty thousand interlocking hexagonal basalt columns rising from the Sea resulting from a volcanic eruption fifty million years ago make up this natural wonder of the world.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

Causeway Columns

The Giant’s Causeway legend

According to legend (the real reason), the causeway originated as a walkway built by an Irish giant through the sea to Scotland so that he could meet a Scottish giant for a fight.

The tourist centre and informative leaflets give you an excellent overview and guides tell the stories, myths, legendary tales of its creation.

Hop down the smaller columns like stepping-stones all the way to the water’s edge and explore the rocks area, but stay safe and don’t be a pain for the guide by taking risks.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

View of Causeway and Antrim Coast

A very special place

Giant’s Causeway is a very special place, a popular tourist attraction referred to as the Jewell in the crown of the Antrim coastline, clear to see why so many are keen to visit.

Travelling to Northern Ireland without a trip to Giant’s Causeway would be like going to Paris and not going to the Eiffel Tower.
(Please be aware they cannot guarantee you will see a giant on every visit)

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

A closer look at the Causeway Rock formation.

Fitness World Explorer Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

A few press-ups whilst waiting for the Giant

Get fit whilst enjoying spectacular views!

Extra tip: When you visit, take the time to explore the coastal walks nearby and the breathtaking County Antrim coastline, even a short walk from the Giant’s Causeway you will encounter more epic scenery, nature, and coast.

If you have more time than the one day Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin. Or you decide to spend the day in just the Giant’s Causeway area you will find miles of challenging hikes on the Antrim coast path.

World Travel and working on a cruise ship for four years mean I’ve visited a lot of the world’s coastline on my travels.

Antrim certainly has some of the most spectacular I have seen, everyone on our tour certainly appreciated it that day.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

Explore more of the spectacular Antrim Coast

Take time to refuel

You will need to maximise your stops on this Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin, it’s a long day.

Take the road back up to the visitor centre and there is a small pub at the top called The Nook, we stopped off here quickly to toast the Giant and another fantastic travel experience.

Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

Guinness at Giant’s Causeway, ah sure we deserved it!

Take the Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin, don’t hesitate.

Add Giants Causeway to your list when you visit Ireland, I think many people visiting miss out on this trip because they think it’s a long way, it’s not.

We took the one day adventure with Wild Rover Tours.

The name of the day tour was Giants Causeway, Belfast City & Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge.

Day tour from Dublin and was just €75 per person, with stories, jokes and additional sight-seeing stops.



Giant's Causeway tour from Dublin

Amazing Giant’s Causeway a must-visit when in Ireland

I will have plenty more Irish adventure recommendations for you in future articles,
enjoy and let us know about your own experiences.

Start with this – and stay tuned for my 2020 updates


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