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…..so far.

To start off the fitness world explorer site.

I’m starting with an article featuring twenty of my favourite worldwide destinations so far.

We all have our favourite travel experiences and fond memories, and I often get asked where is the best place, or my favourite place that I have visited.

The answer is it’s really too difficult to pick, so difficult in fact that these twenty changed several times whilst writing this, some were trickier to pick than others, but I got there in the end.

I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively far and wide, seventy-eight countries and counting so far.

Some of them well-known tourist locations, and others were journey’s on paths less travelled.

This list of destinations are some of my favourites, not just because they have involved fitness or exercise, but because the places have involved monumental moments in my adventures so far.

Here are today’s twenty and a few words on each.

(In no particular order)


1.. Cornwall


My home county, where I grew up and lived for twenty-five years, before I set off exploring the world.

Throughout all the countries I visit, and all the amazing people who I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way, all refer to Cornwall as a beautiful and stunning county if they have visited.

Or “Oh yes I hear it’s amazing there, I keep meaning to visit” If they haven’t.

There are many reasons so many people choose to visit..

Dramatic coastlines for cliff top walks, trail runs, sea swims & surfing or visiting picturesque villages and world heritage sites.

There is plenty to see and do among the breathtaking scenery, go see for yourself, it’s a must visit.

(If you need any recommendations get in touch).

2.. Hong Kong


One of my all time favourite travel experiences so far was witnessing the light display in

Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour.

Epic sky scrapers and the dazzling light show of “The symphony of lights”.

make visiting Hong Kong a spectacular experience, but outside the city there are also plenty of fantastic hiking trails in the mountains that overlook the harbour.

It’s an absolute shopping Mecca for fashion lovers!



I have visited in summer and winter seasons, probably spending around a year here in total when adding up all trips, breathtaking scenery is an understatement.

Hiking in the wilderness, exploring the mountains or kayaking through the glaciers.

Alaska has plenty to offer for fitness world explorers or Travelers who like to witness how beautiful our natural earth is, and explore a little further from the beaten track.

Alaska is a very very special place to visit.

When I first traveled there it was so different from my previous travel experiences, reminiscing reminds me exactly why I love travel so much, new experiences, lifelong memories and the sense of adventure.

4.. Barcelona


Next up the wonderful Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

A fun, relaxing and distinctive city where you are surrounded by stunning architectural gems. Full of many different experiences, places and viewpoints to keep you occupied, easily enough different city tours and excursions to keep you busy for six months.

Relax or train at the beachfront and marina or explore the city easily on foot or bike tour.

You will be spoilt for choice, with such a huge variety of fine Mediterranean drink and restaurant options when you take time out to relax.

Barcelona blog coming soon!

5.. Easter Island


This Magical, mysterious wonderland is an explorers dream.

Most people visit for the cultural history and mystery of this fascinating Island.

A mountain bike is a good way to explore the various archaeological sites and the coast road.

Easter Island offers excellent surfing, diving or hiking along its rugged coast.

Nobody I have met, who has visited was disappointed by their experience of Easter Island.

It’s another must visit place, so you can find out for yourself what makes it so special.

I loved the mystery, legends and cool stories of one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands.

After several days on a ship what’s also memorable from the time I visited was the most amazing humid salty sea breeze, as we strolled around taking in the magical sights.

I have studied a little into the history and culture of the Island since my visit, it’s a remarkable place.

I must go back.

6.. Bora Bora


Otherwise known as ….Paradise

I’ve had some of my most amazing travel experiences in French Polynesia.

Bora Bora is a place many would love to visit and it’s on many people’s travel wish list I’m sure.


A favourite with tourists for the ultimate place to relax and unwind with luxury hotels on their own tiny islands, you can relax in the most luxurious spa’s or in your own private bungalow, many built with their own glass floor to view into the lagoon below.

It’s great to relax, but I would highly recommend you take the opportunity to explore.

You can take part in water-sports, Island treks, sightseeing tours, diving & snorkeling, you will be guaranteed to see a massive variety of sea wildlife in the crystal clear waters of the Islands famous lagoon.

Jeep safaris, fishing trips,Jet ski tours, and helicopter trips are spectacular options in this paradise for the more adventurous.

My personal favourites from my time here were climbing Mount Otemanu the famous peak seen in the photo, a Jet Ski tour around the Island, swimming with rays and of course a visit to the famous Bloody Mary’s restaurant.

Photos really don’t do justice to this blissful wonderland.

French Polynesia Paradise Blog coming soon.

7.. Miami


I first visited as a child on my way to Disneyland for my first real taste of the USA, so it holds special memories for that reason.

In more recent years I have enjoyed sailing from the port of Miami as a Personal Trainer on cruise ships, and visiting the city on vacation.

I love the fitness and health vibes of Miami, that’s why it’s an obvious choice in my twenty destinations.

Choose from Yoga on the beach, a jog along the boardwalk, hire a bike, kayak, surf,

there are plenty of gyms to choose from and most hotels here have state of the art facilities.

You will be spoilt for choice for an exercise class in Miami, pay as you go studios and class drop ins are everywhere.

South Beach of course is a must visit for fitness world explorers, it’s one of the best locations for training outside.

The art deco buildings and Wynwood art district are definitely worth exploring for a leisurely stroll, and there is street art galore.

If one of your hobbies is people watching South beach is one of the best places in the world for cool characters, it’s great fun!

Miami offers the best of both worlds, amazing beaches, places to train and plenty of healthy food options.

Then fun bars, restaurants and nightclubs, but only when you have trained hard and flexed your muscles on South Beach.

8.. Norway – Norwegian Fjords


One of the worlds scenic wonders.

High waterfalls from the Fjords cutting into the tall mountains,  huge glaciers and what seems like never ending breathtaking scenery.

Picturesque villages with some of the most incredible architecture I’ve seen,

crazy good restaurants with a massive variety of food choices (not just fish).

The Cities, towns and villages throughout this region of Norway are wondrous to explore, surrounded by steep mountains perfect for hiking trips.

Featured in this picture is Ãlesund one of the most visited areas in Norway it’s easy to see why.

The Norwegian Fjord region could be a very active exploring holiday, or a relaxing cruise through the main Fjords. The whole region is just spectacular.

One of UNESCO’’s world heritage sites.

9.. Giants Causeway- Northern Ireland


This had been on the hit list of magical natural wonders to visit for quite some time, before I finally visited.

As you can see, I do like a bit of scenery and nature occasionally to add to my travel experiences.

Giants Causeway certainly offers both, forty thousand interlocking hexagonal basalt columns resulting from a volcanic eruption about fifty million years ago, make up this natural wonder of the world.

However, according to legend (the real reason), the causeway was built by a giant so that he could meet a Scottish giant for a fight.

The Surrounding landscape, high cliffs and stunning coastline adds to the setting.

If you visit, give yourself time to explore a little farther than the causeway and you will find challenging hikes on the coast path with super views of the County Antrim coastline.

Another reason this makes the top twenty.

You can hop down the smaller columns like stepping-stones all the way to the water’s edge and explore the whole area, just amazing how nature shaped these rocks to make this unique geological masterpiece.

It’s a very popular tourist attraction, but they cannot guarantee you will see a giant on every visit.

Another UNESCO world heritage site

10..Chichen Itza Mexico


When I visit a place for the first time I usually do very little research beforehand.

I may know a little about the place, but I don’t do deep research into anywhere I’m visiting for the first time.

It’s something I have always done and for me it adds to the magic of the travel experience.

For that reason Chichen Itza was an absolute revelation as the tour guide told his stories about the Mayans, their traditions, and gave cultural insight into the way they lived.

We marvelled at the ingenuity, skill, and incredible almost unbelievable knowledge and insight of the ancient Mayans who created Chichen Itza.

The site is vast and you will do plenty of walking so go prepared for a trek, much of the larger site is still un-excavated.

When you do go, take an organised tour it really is essential to experience the full wonder, with many of the tour guides from the Mayan culture and some even professional archaeologists.

Eating delicious Mexican food, meeting new people, discovering new things, learning about others culture and seeing amazing new places, exactly the way travel should be.

I was Captivated by the whole experience and day.

The day trip was one of the best I’ve been on and I fully intend to return again to explore more,

it’s similar only to Egypt and Easter Island in the places I have visited for Magic and Mystery.

Take a sun hat, sunscreen, water and shades Chichen Itza is HOT,HOT,HOT with intense sun.

Another UNESCO world heritage site, and one of the new seven wonders of the world.


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